The Centre is now fundamentally a grant-making trust providing donations to other projects and NGOs in the UK and abroad. The determining factor in the making of donations is concern with victims of war, including displacement and the impact on family life and the impact of poverty.

Application Process

To apply for funding please download, complete and submit the application form below and attach any additional information required therein. First-time donations are unlikely to exceed £2,000. For donations below £1,000 the shortened version may be used; for donations above £1,000 please use the standard form.

Breslaff staff may contact you and request further information or a meeting time. Applications will be considered throughout the year, however, most applications will be considered by the Management Committee twice a year, in March and September.

Applications will need to be received by 1st March or 1st September to be considered at that month's meeting. Breslaff staff will inform applicants of the decision as soon as practicable following the meeting.

If a donation is made, the Breslaff Centre will require a donation receipt from the organisation as well as a follow-up statement or report, documenting how the donation was spent. The formal donation letter will set out these terms in detail.

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