Responses to Donations

"With your support, we are able to work with some of the most vulnerable people in our society. We are able to listen and support more people on their journey of rehabilitation and reintegration into the community.” (Langley House Trust, 2017)


"Thank you very much for your support to restore human dignity through delivering pre-rescue activities to identify children trapped in modern slavery on Lake Volta and also empowering our community volunteers.” (Challenging Heights, July 2017)


"Sailors Children's Society provides help to disadvantaged children of seafarers throughout the Humber region.  These hardworking families turn to the Society for financial, emotional and practical assistance when hit with a traumatic life changing event such as bereavement, loss or diagnosis of illness.  The grant kindly awarded by the Breslaff Centre in January 2017 has provided 2 new children's beds, books for university and enough funds for a school trip to children from 4 different families in Hull and Grimsby.  The Trustees would like to thank the Breslaff Centre for their kind award on behalf of the children supported." (Sailors Children's Society, 2017)


"Thanks to [your] generous donations we were able to take thirteen women, twelve children and five support workers to a wonderful place called Ahlbeck, on the coast of the Baltic Sea. …

The children splashed joyfully around in the ocean and the women, after a few attempts of adjusting to the cold temperature also jumped in. One little girl was overheard saying 'My mother is laughing so much on this trip, at home it's different'.” (Supervised Housing Community for Female Migrants, Zentrum Überleben, Berlin, August 2017)


"Our aim is to create joy through live music, and your donation has allowed us to achieve that. On behalf of the audience members whose quality of life has been improved as a direct result of your generosity, thank you.” (Music In Hospitals, 2017)


"We rely heavily on the generosity of charities, businesses and organisations such as yourselves and would like to thank you for choosing to support our work at Hull Women's Aid.” (Hull Women's Aid, 2017)


"The funds donated by Breslaff to the Hull Families Project have been used to further our work with young people from dysfunctional families who display negative behaviour in their lives. Particularly, those who bully others. The funding has been used as part of our ‘Bully No Way’ programme. […] In this programme we work with the perpetrators of bullying, not then victims, in order to change attitudes at a core level, rather than seeking techniques to counter bullying. This is a new pilot designed to establish new ways of challenging bullying in schools and the community. Breslaff  funding is helping to make this happen. Thank you.” (Hull Families Project, 2017)


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Two children, Noa, 3 yrs.