Responses to Donations

"A huge thank you to the Breslaff Centre!

On behalf of WTRRP, I would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to the Breslaff Centre for their generous support. For the last two years, the Centre played a key role in helping our small charity relieve destitution and isolation among Refugees and Asylum seekers in our local area.  Before the pandemic struck, WTRRP set up workshops for women in partnership with the Breslaff Centre.  For a few hours, women could engage in craft activities, mix with others in a safe environment and forget their daily struggles.  With regular financial donations from the Breslaff Centre we were able to extend our support to vulnerable people in times of crisis and particularly during the Covid-19 pandemic. The Breslaff Centre contributed towards the purchase of much needed food and sanitary items for our beneficiaries many of whom were frontline workers.  A huge thank you to all the Trustees and all the Staff at the Breslaff Centre!  You have truly made a difference and we have been privileged to work alongside you! "  (Marie-Jo Churchill on behalf of WTRRP, March 2021)


"The Breslaff Centre's funding allowed us to run craft workshops which made a significant difference to the lives of the refugees, asylum seekers and vulnerable migrants that the British Red Cross supports in Luton. These workshops gave our service users an opportunity to learn new skills whilst also socialising in a safe space. This had a significant positive impact on the wellbeing of those that partook in the sessions through increased happiness and reduced depression. We are really grateful for this support and the difference it made to our service users lives.”(Josh Reynolds, Service Manager, Refugee Support Service, The British Red Cross, Luton, March 2021)


"[...] Can I say a very large thank you from all of us.  [...] All this breakneck development has been made possible by the Breslaff Foundation's very generous financial backing. It has enabled us not just to start, but to start at a pace: we hope to have our building open and at least partially equipped in the next couple of months; and then our services - which we have already started to deliver - will really take off.


And we couldn't have done any of this without your start up support; but it is not just the start you have secured for us. That secure financial backing to get started and to fund us through our first year has enabled us to have some really positive initial discussions with funders for the future. For example, with our City Council over the building; and, just two weeks ago, with the National Lottery Regional officer, who was very encouraging, urging us to make a bid for sustained funding into the future.


Starting up is one thing: sustaining that growth another; there is a real possibility that your generosity has enabled us to make a sustainable Welcome House for refugees into the future, which will be a wonderful development - for the refugees and for Hull." (Humphrey Forrest,Treasurer, Welcome House, Hull, March 2021)


"We are extremely grateful for this kind donation.  [...] We will be distributing more food in July to make sure that clients who will now receive their parcels later in the month do not go without food in the interim.  The Breslaff Centre's donation is extremely helpful in ensuring we can run a smooth operation during this difficult times.  Our thanks to the Breslaff Centre for their Continuing support [...]." (WTRRP, 2020)


" [...] a huge thank you on behalf of everyone at Clean Break. As you know from our proposal, it's vitally important to us to be raising core funding at the moment and we are all so grateful and moved by the prompt support of the Breslaff Centre." (Clean Break, 2020)


"Thank you for your donation [...] to the Whitefoot and Downham Community Food Plus Project (wdcfplus), which is much appreciated [...].

At present we see approximately 60 individuals come through our doors, which generally serves 132 people (adults and children) a week. Within the six years wdcfplus has been in operation, approximately 1000 local households have accessed the food project, whether for temporary or longer-term hardship relief.

Overall, your donation represents a significant contribution to our annual running costs and in effect keeps us helping those who need emergency relief. Once again we thank you for supporting our food project." (Whitefoot & Downham Community Food + Project, 2020)


"I am truly grateful to the Breslaff centre for all their super generous support for our club. The recent stationery packs were so well received and so many families commented how thoughtful and useful they were!  Family workers from the schools couldn't believe what they saw!  These are luxuries which are totally out of reach for of the families we support, as they struggle to even provide food for their families." (Kids Can Cook Holiday Programme, St John's Church, Luton, 2020)


"This is wonderful news, thank you, and please do pass my sincere thanks to the trustees.  This support has arrived at just the right moment and will enable us to expand our response to the Covid-19 epidemic, we very much appreciate your support." (BeFriend A Family, 2020)


"Helping children register as British Citizens through the generous support of the Breslaff Centre, we piloted a multifaceted project to help undocumented children register for British Citizenship. Our legally qualified Caseworker supported destitute families to complete the legal registration forms for qualifying children while also providing cash grants to help the families with the [...] Home Office fees. This pilot project has so far helped 5 children register as British Citizens and helped their families find a route out of destitution." (British Red Cross, Luton, 2019)


"I would like to express my deep gratitude, once again, for sponsoring Hendrike to come to our holiday club in Luton, where we offer a holiday club for children of low (or no) income families.  Her weaving activity was so well received by the children, that we had to coax them away from it to have some food!  It was really well thought-out and prepared.  Each child produced a lovely, colourful item to take home. We really appreciate Hendrike's time and effort and very much look forward to welcoming her back!" (Kids Can Cook Holiday Programme, St John's Church, Luton, 2019)


"Promoting girls' education is one of the core programmes of Khwendo Kor  [...]. It's objective is to provide  a conducive learning  environment  to vulnerable  children where their psychosocial, emotional and cognitive abilities are enhanced so that they can proactively contribute in the socio-economic development of the nation. [...] the grant from Breslaff Centre has supported two major components of the Deen Dunya (DD) Centre i.e. Education and Handicrafts development." (FROK, 2019)


"The generous grant  from the Breslaff Centre has been a hugely appreciated contribution towards the Youth Violence Intervention Programme. We are grateful for the Trustees' support in empowering young people to break away from the victim-perpetrator cycle of violence and pursue positive life changes." (Red Thread, 2019)


"[...] thank you for these great news! We are very happy about the Trustees' decision. I've just talked about it with my colleague [...] and she is so pleased that we can realize the Film Camp." (Zentrum Ueberleben, Berlin, 2018)


"With your support, we are able to work with some of the most vulnerable people in our society. We are able to listen and support more people on their journey of rehabilitation and reintegration into the community.” (Langley House Trust, 2017)


"Thank you very much for your support to restore human dignity through delivering pre-rescue activities to identify children trapped in modern slavery on Lake Volta and also empowering our community volunteers.” (Challenging Heights, July 2017)


"Sailors Children's Society provides help to disadvantaged children of seafarers throughout the Humber region.  These hardworking families turn to the Society for financial, emotional and practical assistance when hit with a traumatic life changing event such as bereavement, loss or diagnosis of illness.  The grant kindly awarded by the Breslaff Centre in January 2017 has provided 2 new children's beds, books for university and enough funds for a school trip to children from 4 different families in Hull and Grimsby.  The Trustees would like to thank the Breslaff Centre for their kind award on behalf of the children supported." (Sailors Children's Society, 2017)


"Thanks to [your] generous donations we were able to take thirteen women, twelve children and five support workers to a wonderful place called Ahlbeck, on the coast of the Baltic Sea. …

The children splashed joyfully around in the ocean and the women, after a few attempts of adjusting to the cold temperature also jumped in. One little girl was overheard saying 'My mother is laughing so much on this trip, at home it's different'.” (Supervised Housing Community for Female Migrants, Zentrum Überleben, Berlin, August 2017)


"Our aim is to create joy through live music, and your donation has allowed us to achieve that. On behalf of the audience members whose quality of life has been improved as a direct result of your generosity, thank you.” (Music In Hospitals, 2017)


"We rely heavily on the generosity of charities, businesses and organisations such as yourselves and would like to thank you for choosing to support our work at Hull Women's Aid.” (Hull Women's Aid, 2017)


"The funds donated by Breslaff to the Hull Families Project have been used to further our work with young people from dysfunctional families who display negative behaviour in their lives. Particularly, those who bully others. The funding has been used as part of our ‘Bully No Way’ programme. […] In this programme we work with the perpetrators of bullying, not then victims, in order to change attitudes at a core level, rather than seeking techniques to counter bullying. This is a new pilot designed to establish new ways of challenging bullying in schools and the community. Breslaff  funding is helping to make this happen. Thank you.” (Hull Families Project, 2017)


Two Children, Noa, 3 years.